04.01.2018: Version 0.9.4 is released


Regard3D 0.9.4 has been released! Please find it under the links provided in the Download page.


  • Upgraded to OpenMVG 1.3
  • Added SMVS as new densification tool
  • Added new algorithms for pairwise feature matching: KGraph, MRPT


SMVS is a relatively new Multiple-View-Stereo-Software developed by F. Langguth and others at TU Darmstadt, by the same group that develops MVE. It has very good results, try it out! However you need a CPU which supports at least the POPCNT instruction. If your CPU supports SSE 4.1, Regard3D selects an optimized version of SMVS.

I added also some new pairwise feature matching algorithms, but currently they are only for testing purposes. For the general usage, I still recommend FLANN. KGraph is based on the "small-world-graph" algorithm and is quite promising, however in my tests it was slower than FLANN. MRPT is a different approach based on random projection. In my tests I found that it is sometimes faster, sometimes slower than FLANN. For the interested of you, try it out, I would be happy to hear your experience!

There is also a "brute-force matcher", please only use it for very small projects! It is extremely slow compared to the others, and I am not talking about a constant factor. This algorithm has a runtime of O(N^2) if N is the amount of found keypoints, while the others are usually in the range of O(N*logN). That means with large N this algorithm might not terminate within reasonable time!

The Windows version has been built with Visual C++ 2015 Update 3 Community Edition, including all third-party tools.

The Mac version has been built with Clang 3.9 (http://clang.llvm.org/), including all third-party tools.