Regard3D has been started as a hobby project in my spare time. I found several great libraries and programs and decided to put them together by creating Regard3D. As usual, the move from a hobby project to a program that everybody can use is a big step. But since I also profited a lot from open-source projects, I decided to release Regard3D to the public.


About the Author

I am a software engineer from Switzerland with focus on multiplatform development using C/C++, multithreading, computer vision, scientific computation and information security. I can be reached at:

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These are my previous open source projects:

  • EncFS MP: A program to mount EncFS folders on Windows and OS X
  • ABIC: A program to convert image files in a wide variety of formats
  • wxPackJPG: A program to losslessly compress image files in the JPEG format
  • CalcPi: A multiplatform program for calculating pi and other mathematical constants to arbitrary precision