15.02.2017: Version 0.9.1 is released

Regard3D 0.9.1 has been released! Please find it under the links provided in the Download page.



  • Upgraded to OpenMVG 1.1
  • Third-party programs (MVE, PoissonRecon) up to date.


Most notably, the OpenMVG library has been updated to 1.1, and the MVE-toolchain is also up-to-date. Texrecon (texture for surface generation) now has much better results than previously.

The "Export to External MVS" now also exports to OpenMVS, see here: http://cdcseacave.github.io/openMVS/ . The results are very good, mostly better than MVE or PMVS. Unfortunately, the license of OpenMVS is quite restrictive, since it uses a library which can only be used "for research" (ibfs). This is why OpenMVS is not directly included in Regard3D.

The Windows version has been built with Visual C++ 2015 Update 3 Community Edition, including all third-party tools.

The Mac version has been built with Clang 3.9 (http://clang.llvm.org/), including all third-party tools.

I apologize for the long time until this version was released. Unfortunately my time to work on this project is very limited recently.

Known issues:

  • Triangulations created with a version before Regard3D 0.8.0 can still be loaded, but not used for densifications. Please create new triangulations.
  • With some scenes it can happen that the incremental chain fails, if the selected image pair is too close. Please select another pair in this case. However, due to improvements in OpenMVG this only happens in very few cases.